How To Lose Your Ego

Our ego is a funny thing. By our mid-30s our ego has fully developed, and has been shaped by your experiences. It’ll make you behave in certain ways that might not be conducive to you leading a happy life. It doesn’t act in your best interests, and it’ll impact the people around you, both family, friends and work colleagues. If left uncontrolled, your ego can cause real damage to your development.

There are many ways to let go of your ego, and all of them take practice, lots of practice!

I’ve had to personally work through all of the ways suggested in this post to drop my ego, and I can safely say they work. It isn’t an overnight fix however.

My coaching approach uses a variety of methods, and over a period of time I can work with you to remove your ego and help you lead a more fulfilled life – one that isn’t filled with frustration and stress.

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