Below are some client reviews, all of which are from the last 2 years.

Steven is a great listener who is always trying to help you think deeper, he is non judgemental and gently asks questions to support you reframing your thoughts. He is open and approachable and creates a sense of trust to freely discuss all sorts of topics.

S.R. – London

I was starting up a new business venture and needed someone I could trust to help guide me in the right direction. He was able to give me perspective. His calm and confident persona was very reassuring during a busy time in my life.

A.S. – Norwich

“Steven helped me with my presenting skills as I lacked confidence talking to large groups. I had a work presentation coming up which I was very nervous about. Steven got me to break the task down, helped me practice, and ensured that I was well prepared. The presentation went well, and I am very pleased with the help I got.”

N.W. – Colchester

“Steven helped me identify my strengths, focus on my goals, and put together a practical plan of action. I’m now confident my CV is up to scratch and my interview technique is much improved.”

J.Y. – Hampshire

“Steven was referred to me by a colleague who had previously received career coaching from SBC. 

Initially sceptical I have now been seeing Steven for 4 months and can say hand on heart that it has been worth every penny. 

Firstly, Steven’s ability to form a relationship and rapport which is friendly yet professional is second to none. After 15 minutes of my initial consultation session I felt completely at ease and trusting of Steven. I wasn’t necessarily approaching Steven for career coaching as my colleague did, I felt that approaching 40 I was in a bit of a rut. Where Steven’s skills really lie is his ability to unlock and provide confidence to take and make important life decisions, he provides real clarity and I end up leaving our sessions wishing I had made the decisions I have as a result of my sessions with Steve years ago. 

I would recommend Steven to anyone looking for some clarity and direction in their lives”

R.B. – Norwich