“My passion is to help people help themselves”

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Becoming a life coach

Over 20 years I’ve lived and worked across the world and have had to adapt and change over that time both personally and professionally (find my Professional profile on LinkedIn). 

At certain times during this long period I have worked with my own life coach to help me achieve personal and career goals

All of these experiences have inspired me to help other people in their development. 

Having qualified as a coach in 2019, I have coached people from all over the UK.

I believe my ability lies in getting along with people, finding common ground, listening and forming productive relationships to achieve an end goal. 

A bit about me

Originally from Lowestoft, I’m now based in Norwich after having spent many years in Bermuda and Dubai which I loved. But as they say, there’s no place like home!

In my free time I travel as much as I can (Covid permitting!), and think there’s nothing better than a spontaneous weekend away. Bali is my all time favourite holiday destination and hope to get back there soon!

I’m an avid listener of music and make it a mission to listen to a different album every day if possible.

I’m a big believer in self growth and ensure I read and listen to a podcast every day. I find this a great way of keeping up to date with new ideas around personal development.

Being coached changed my life. Let it change yours.

Take that first step and contact me today for an informal chat.

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Next Steps

For your free discovery session, please book a date using the button on the right. This call will be an informal chat about what you’re hoping to achieve and give you an opportunity to talk to me more about my approach.