Why Venting is Good For You!


Isn’t venting at somebody a bad thing? Nope.

Venting is a healthy way to discuss a single issue after checking if the other person is okay with hearing you ‘vent’ about something. When you vent, you’re looking to release frustration and seek a solution (with the help of the person you’re venting at!).

Venting is different from ’emotional dumping’, which is a repetitive toxic conversation where you unload your feelings and opinion, leaving no room for the other person to engage or respond. When you use emotional dumping, you always want to be right and you stay in ‘victim mode’, which makes the other persons position very difficult and uncomfortable.

The easiest way to vent rather than emotional dump, is to check in with the other person before you dive in – for example:

“I’ve had a really bad day at work, do you have time to listen about it?”

That way everybody is on the same page and its a more positive way to get rid of your feelings.

Easy right?

Give it a go the next time you’re feeling like you need to download a stressful situation on your partner/family/friends.

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