As part of my transformational coaching experience I offer the following coaching services:

Life Coaching

As your life coach I will help facilitate you solving your own challenges rather than just giving you the answers.

Those challenges might be related to family, your relationships, friends or a behavioural trait you want to change in yourself.

 I will listen to you and help guide you through creating new thought processes, give you perspective which will lead to more self-awareness,  and enable you to come up with a simple action plan to achieve any life goals you have. 

Behavioural Analysis

Using a wide range of tools including DISC, I can help you understand yourself a lot better.

By understanding yourself better and how you react in different situations, I can work with you to change any unwanted behaviours.

Business Coaching

As your business coach I will act as your sounding board. I will help you formulate business plans, budgeting, marketing, website design and SEO.

Starting a new business venture is often a daunting one. I will be a confidential advisor that will be there with you every step of the way.

Having worked in the Corporate world internationally for many years, I have experience not only in IT management, but also leadership, strategy and people management.

Career Coaching

As your career coach I will help guide you either into a new career or develop in your existing career.

This service can assist you with reviewing and rewriting your CV,  work with you to formulate a career plan, interview preparation, presentation skills, and time and people management techniques.

As part of this process you will also better understand if you are suited to the career you’re currently in.

Next Steps

For your free discovery session, please book a date using the button on the right. This call will be an informal chat about what you’re hoping to achieve and give you an opportunity to talk to me more about my approach.